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Energy Change Lab

The Energy Change Lab is designed to create space for dangerous thinking, to explore complex ideas, and to search for innovative solutions in the energy domain.

Our work will combine the knowledge and experience of a wide range of stakeholders by means of research, experimentation and practice. Founding partners Hivos and IIED bring expertise in action, advocacy and research:

Hivos has a history of financing and implementing projects on the ground, together with policy influencing. Hivos also invests in knowledge that promotes practitioner-academic collaboration on issues for civil society organisations and the wider development sector.

IIED is an established research organisation, generating robust evidence in the ‘green domain’. IIED's work is informed by a practical perspective acquired via hands-on research with grassroots partners.

Our projects will combine these approaches, as we take an iterative -- and sometimes experimental -- approach, allowing current projects to inform future interventions.

The Energy Change Lab is based in Tanzania and will focus on the challenges of this particular country, both in rural and urban areas. What we learn will be shared worldwide, and conversely, global research will be undertaken on concepts such as ‘citizen-centred energy systems’ - the results of which can feed into the local Tanzanian context.

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